#Andygirls entrepreneurs

Connie Davalos

Connie was the first influencer to discover our pink factory, we love that Connie combines her style with our footwear so often

Connie Davalos

Tammy Parra

Tammy Parra starts with us, we love Tammy's honesty and the trust she has in recommending us so often on social networks.

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Marian Krawstor

Marian knows that she is very special to Andy, since she was the first influencer we collaborated with, we love the styles she chooses every time she shops with us since they are always so unique and special

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Brianda Deyanara

Brianda bought Calzado Andy for personal use, but mentions how it can be a good option for resale

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Doris Yocelyn

Doris found us on social networks, mentions how there are shoes starting at $300 pesos and that Andy is an economical option

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Angelica bought Andy products to see if they were quality, they were so go check out the honest review.

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Lailany Sota

Lailany was the first influencer to visit our factory physically, so learn about Lai's experience at Andy

Lailany Sota

Priscila Escoto

Priscila discovered us on tiktok, so we sent her 6 pairs of her choice, learn about Priscy's entire experience meeting Andy

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Manu Barrios

Manu met us through mutual influencer friends, he took our Andy to NY to a catwalk so he knows everything about Manu's experience

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Betzy Ramirez

Betzy found us on Instagram, on several occasions she buys Andy for personal use, we love the style of this Andy girl

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Marcela Mistral

We love the unique and extravagant styles that Marcela buys, we love her style, being able to be part of her outfits is an honor

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